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Key Specs

Model #GDT630PYRFS

Product Height

33 3/8 inches

Product Width

24 3/4 inches

Product Depth

24 inches

Operating Sound Level

50 decibels adjusted

Number Of Racks


Tub Finish


Place Setting Capacity


Color Finish

Stainless steel

GE - Top Control Built In Dishwasher with Sanitize Cycle and Dry Boost, 50 dBA

SKU: 084691863694
$749.00 Regular Price
$449.00Sale Price
    • 3 Rack Dishwasher

      This dishwasher has a third rack without dedicated compartments, giving you extra capacity and flexibility to store everything from lids and serving utensils to small bowls

    • Bottle Jets

      This dishwasher with bottle jets ensures a deep clean for tall items, narrow glasses, jars and more. In the upper rack, each of the four bottle jets directs water and detergent inside to effectively wash hard-to-reach areas

    • Dry Boost™

      Dry Boost gets hard-to-dry items like plastics up to 3x drier compared to heated dry

    • Wash Zone

      Wash a true half load in the upper or lower rack whenever you need to, instead of waiting on a full load. Just choose your wash zone: upper or lower. The feature works in combination with most cycles, saving you time and conserving energy

    • Steam + Sani

      Save time with a Steam option that loosens tough soils before the wash cycle begins, so you get a complete clean with no pre-rinsing or soaking necessary. Plus, a Sanitization cycle reduces 99.999% of bacteria on dishes

    • AutoSense Wash Cycle

      This energy efficient dishwasher has an AutoSense cycle that detects the soil level and amount of dishes, then automatically adjusts wash settings for the ultimate clean

    • Adjustable Upper Rack

      Enjoy flexible loading with an adjustable upper rack. Easily move it up or down to fit bottles, large platters and other items as tall as 10.5

    • Dishwasher with Many Cycles

      This dishwasher offers a heavy wash, normal wash, rinse cycle and 1-hour wash cycle for outstanding wash performance and clean dishes every time, no matter the load size

    • Reliable Performance

      This American made dishwasher is durable, long-lasting and dependable. Its consistent performance will give you totally clean and dry dishes with every cycle

    • Water Leak Sensor

      This dishwasher features Active Flood Protect, preventing potential overflows for greater peace of mind. A water sensor cancels the wash cycle before a flood can occur and alerts you with blinking lights and a tone

    • ENERGY STAR® Dishwasher

      This efficient, ENERGY STAR® dishwasher saves energy without sacrificing features or functionality

    • Extra Large Capacity

      This extra large capacity dishwasher has enough space for 14 place settings and large dishware, making cleanup easy after gatherings

    • Top or Side Mount Installation Brackets

      Easily mount the dishwasher under your countertop or to the side of your cabinets using installation brackets that work with any type of countertop

    • Built-Up Floor Capable

      This dishwasher has adjustable heights, making it easy to install over built-up floors

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